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New prescribed accommodation premises pre-application

Do your premises have 10 or more rooms? You will also need to apply for a Planning Permit.

Once you submit this application, we will invoice you for payment of the fee. After payment, we will be in contact with you.

If you have any queries please contact Maroondah City Council’s Community Health team on 9294 5603.

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Copy of plans

On your floor plan, please show:

  • Number of rooms  (10 or more rooms will also require a Planning Permit)

  • Dimensions (length and width) of each room

  • Number of beds in each room (single or double)

  • Bathroom facilities (number of showers and toilets)

  • Laundry facilities (number of washing machines)

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Communal areas

Upload a copy of your plans *

Pre-application fee

You will be invoiced the appropriate fee on receipt of this application.

Once we have received payment, we will process your pre-application and will contact you.

  • $180 - Prescribed Accommodation (Hotel / Motel / Residential / Hostel / Holiday Camp / Student Dormitory)
  • $180 - Rooming House

Further information

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