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Application to amend a current application - Pursuant to Section 50 or 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987

Please use this form to amend an application for a planning permit after you have lodged with Council, but BEFORE Council has decided upon the application. 

Need help?

Please contact the Statutory Planning Department on 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598 if you need help completing this form or if you are unsure about the information we need to process the application. 
Planning application detalis
Permit Application Number:
Address of the land
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Type of Amendment
Applicant details
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Is the contact person for application correspondence the same as the Applicant? 
Is the Applicant also the property owner? 
Details of proposed changes
Is there a change to the description of the land?
Is there a change to the plans and/or other documents submitted with the application?
Is there a change to the use and/or development of the land?
Is there a change to the permit triggers? For example: Addition of Vegetation removal or Car Parking reduction.
Please describe the proposed changes:
Revised plans
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Updated title
Other documentation
Please tick yes to notify us you acknowledge and agree to the below statements.
Statutory fees apply Section 57A Applications. An invoice detailing payment options will be emailed to the Applicant Contact and application processing can begin once fee payment has been received. 
Privacy Collection Notice
Your application and the personal information on this form is collected by Maroondah City Council for the purposes of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (PE Act). If you do not provide your name and address, Maroondah City Council will not be able to review and consider your application. Your application including your name and address will be available at the Maroondah City Council office for any person to inspect and copies may be made available on request to enable consideration and review as part of a planning process for the relevant period set out in the PE Act.
You must not submit any personal information or copyright material of third parties without their informed consent. By submitting the material, you agree that the use of the material as detailed above does not breach any third party’s right to privacy and copyright. You can request access or amendments to your personal information by contacting Maroondah City Council's Privacy Officer:
Application declaration
I declare that I am the Applicant and I have notified the owner (if not myself) about this application and
all the information in this application is true and correct: